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Maybe we should send him a real pen?

Justin Peters, professional blogger for Slate’s Crime blog, writes out his blog posts long hand in his Moleskin notebook before ever typing them out online.

Read Justin’s post here

Sometimes writing something out longhand is a great way to slow down and think about what you want to say.  In a world of instant communications, that type of reflection and concentration can definitely be a good thing.

I’ll make a deal with Justin.  If he reads this post, gets in touch with me and gives us a shout out, I’ll ship him a handcrafted pen free of charge to replace that cheap disposable pen pictured in his post assuming that is acceptable to Slate. Ballpoint, Rollerball, or Fountain Pen at his choice,

Firma-Flex Journal Notebooks – limited time in red

I noticed today that Franklin-Christopher has a limited time run on the Firma-Flex Journal in red. The cover material is firm enough to write on down to the last page yet maintains a flexibility that is comfortable to hold.  Will open flat for comfortable writing.

Firma-Flex Journal Notebooks – Limited Time in Red @ Franklin-Christopher

I ordered one of the A5 sizes today with graph paper along with a couple of packs of black and royal blue ink cartridges.  Their cartridges and bottled ink will work perfectly in any of our fountain pens.