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Piper Premium Ink Refills

Piper Ink CartridgesSo you won’t find a dry time, smear, water, or any other official test with this one.  Just a warm fuzzy feeling about the Piper premium ink refills.

Typically we provide a fresh Private Reserve refill with each pen sale, but on a whim I decided to grab a box each of the Royal Blue and Black Piper cartridge refills from Franklin-Christoph .  I loaded up the royal blue into my daily writer, a handcrafted mini fountain with a small Heritance nib.  It was very easy starting and flowed very well. Nice and smooth over the paper and drys fast enough for my needs.   Available in 6 packs or a larger 40 piece jar.

As a nice kicker, they also offer ballpoint refills that will fit any of our Parker style refill pens and rollerball refills that will fit any of our Schmidt style refill pens.

Check them out today @ Franklin-Christoph

What fountain pen ink should I choose for my new fountain pen?

A good write up over at Writer’s Bloc touches on the wide range of options available to fountain pen users.


A good every day use brand that I have been happy with is made by Private Reserve.  Velvet Black and DC Supershow Blue have been my favorites for a good go-to black and blue ink and is typically what I will include with one of our fountain pens.  I’ve also had a lot of fun with Copper Burst in some of our demonstrators as people find that they get more creative when a unique color is at their disposal.  Private Reserve ink is available in either bottled or cartridge and is relatively inexpensive if you’re just starting out.


If you’re looking to move up to more advanced inks, jump over to the Writer’s Bloc blog post to read a more on how to choose an ink that fits your needs.