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Is Cursive Writing Dead?

An interesting read over at Live Science about a recent event in the George Zimmerman trial where a witness on the stand was unable to read cursive writing.  It spurs the debate over the teaching, or lack of teaching cursive in many schools.

My boys who are now 9 and 11 learned cursive at a very young age.  My oldest started learning through his preschool and kindergarten years because his learning curriculum had the belief that it was easier for a child to form rounded letters as the base for his handwriting than straight lines and angles.  In fact at about age 5, he had better hand writing in both cursive and print than I did at the time (I’ve been practicing).

At the most simplistic way of looking at it, without cursive, how can you have a signature?  If you can’t read cursive, how can you read a hand written documents encompassing anything from our country’s Declaration of Independence to a simple letter from grandma?

Have a look at the Live Science article here and share your thoughts.