Atlas in Rusty Lava Lamp Resin


Fisher of Pens Atlas model – short version


Material: Rusty Lava Lamp resin
Nib: Jowo #6
Clip: None
Postable: Yes
Filler: Cartridge / Threaded Converter


  • Capped Length: 146mm
  • Uncapped Length: 132.5mm
  • Posted Length: @165mm (approximate measurement)
  • Body Diameter: 14mm (widest)
  • Cap Diameter: 15.6mm (widest)
  • Grip Diameter: 11.5 – 10.5mm

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+ Nib Grinding

Custom grinding will add approximately 3 weeks to your order. All grinds are performed by Pablo Carrasco of FPNibs as part of your nib order.

For oblique nibs I will contact for additional details about angle and direction

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