Apollo Mint Series – Silver Marbled Celluloid with 1962 US Quarter


Sale price includes a Fine point black oxide nib seen in the Instagram video here:

If you would like to select a different nib, please contact me to adjust the price.

I have a batch of vintage celluloid that I’ve been meaning to work with for some time. What better way than to combine it with currency from approximately the same vintage as the celluloid. I have 6 similar pens I will be releasing to the website over time so if you miss out on this one, don’t worry you’ll have a few more chances.

These are not part of the numbered batches so the only engraving will be for Fisher of Pens.

  • Apollo model Mint series fountain pen
  • Body crafted from gray hatch vintage celluloid with black ebonite finial and grip section
  • Black ebonite cap with a steel spoon clip
  • 90% silver 1962 US Quarter cap band with obverse (front) of coin on display showing Liberty and 1962
  • Jowo #6 nib (shown with two-tone Medium nib) and Schmidt K6 threaded converter

Shipping time will vary based on nib selection and inventory.

A note about mint collection pens. Coins are not perfect medium. They are used, abused, nicked and deformed over their lifetime. The older the coin, the more wear will be apparent. Please remember this in when making your purchase decision.

$359.00 $249.00

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