Athena – Starting from $175

Smooth flush profile when closed

Apollo – Starting from $175

Same body as the Athena with a larger diameter cap

Atlas – Starting from $195

Larger profile with a smooth tapered body and rounded ends

Python – Starting from $195

Similar to the Atlas but with stronger angles on the body and cap and angular conical ends

Zeus – Starting from $250

Largest pen in the lineup. Profile of the Apollo scaled up by almost 2mm in diameter

Hydra – Starting from $350

Double sided with two independent ink reservoirs and nibs

Double Sided ($350 and up)

Hydra is now on its second design iteration and continues to go through minor refinements to the overall size. The Hydra contains two independent ink reservoirs capable of holding more ink than your typical standard cartridge or converter. Each side has a different nib unit and cap. Fill it with two different color inks and/or two different nibs and have two independent pens in one body.

Water Acrylics

Most pens can be made in a water acrylic. Water acrylics are transparent tinted colors that typically have a ribbon or pattern running through them. Water acrylics can be given one of two treatments. They can be polished up to be clear or they can be left with a raw or frosted looking finish.

Custom Designs

While the above designs are wonderful and provide a great starting point for your custom order, true custom designs challenge us an push us to develop new offerings. These designs can come from a customer sketch or an idea based on another pen design with modifications that they can’t obtain from another manufacturer.

Shown below are a few recently challenge pens that pushed the boundary of our capabilities to produce stunning one-of-a-kind designs.

From Sketch to Reality

This pen was based off a sketch provided by Leigh. She had a very specific design in mind along with size constraints and even a custom roll stop. This pen posed many challenges due to the selected material and the request to make it eye dropper filled. Because the celluloid chosen needed to be ink safe, the interior of the pen body, the front section and cap were all cored with ebonite. The second unique challenge was the roll stop design. For this we worked with the sketch to create a CAD design that was then carved into a mold and cast in bronze. The bronze was left with a tarnished look rather than a high polish at her request, and because it just looks so sweet.


This pen, but different

A customer presented me with a pen make and model that he was interested in but wanted it to work with an M800 nib unit, to be a little larger and in a unique black cherry material. After some sketches and plotting out dimensions, we came up with a design. The material was custom poured and although it took us two tries to get the color mix just right, it was worth the effort. Twin gold plated bands on the front section and a single thick band in the cap. All parts where gold plated.