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Pen Models

Nib Options and Accessories

Pricing Structure

Although many of our custom pens could be considered free form or one-off inspiration pieces, a common question I receive is: “do you have a list of models to choose from?” The answer to that question is YES. The following list explains the lineup of named pens showcasing our most-requested pen designs.


Water Acrylic Models

The Water Acrylic models are a special category that consists of a number of transparent or translucent pens.


Click here for a list of available water acrylic colors

Hydra and Hydra v2

A double-ended fountain pen of varying designs. Features straight or tapered caps with any combination of flat top, rounded, cone or other for the cap end treatments. Each end has its own ink reservoir of approximately 1ml and is eye dropper filled.

The new v2 Hydra foregoes the long caps in favor of shorter more traditional sized caps and more exposed body.

Water Acrylics


Most of our available pen model material can be substituted with a water acrylic option. Water acrylics can be finished by polishing the interior for a demonstrator style pen or can be frosted for an iced look finish.

Flush cap designs

The cap and body are the same diameter and will fit flush when closed. Flush cap designs typically are not postable; however, a taper can be added to the Athena body to allow for a postable option on request.



Elegant clean lines with a flush cap. One of the most versatile designs in our lineup, it is often paired with either flat top or cone shaped finials. A slight taper may also be added towards one or both ends on request for even more variety. Uses a #6 sized nib.




An oversized pen with a flush cap and straight lines. No taper to the body or cap with flat top finials. Uses a #6 or #8 sized nib.


Stepped cap designs

The cap is a larger diameter than the pen body creating a stepped look when closed.



The Zeus takes design queues from the classic Duofold Sr, only larger. A great option for someone looking for a wide diameter pen, this design has a straight body and stepped cap with tapered flat top finials. The standard design uses a large tapered stepped front section and a #6 or #8 sized nib.



A more traditional sized pen with a stepped cap. Uses a #6 sized nib.


Stepped cap pen with a taper on both the body and cap. Typically finished with rounded finials, this design allows for posting of the cap to the back of the pen during writing. Uses a #6 sized nib.


A stepped cap design pen very similar to the Ares, but adds a slight bulge in the body before a long taper down to the bottom. The Eros is a very comfortable design to use either posted or non-posted. Uses a #6 sized nib.



Pocket Pens


A short pocket pen that can be either a stepped or flush cap design. The Clio has a straight body and cap with a threaded rear posting to provide a strong and stable full size pen while posted, yet stays compact when capped.



One-Off Pens

One-off pens do not fit neatly into any of the named designs above. These pens were special requests or inspiration pieces that are truly one of a kind. If you have a design in mind and do not see what you like in the models above, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask. Pictures of an inspiration pen or a sketch on a notepad can go a long way towards helping us design the perfect writing instrument for you.



Finial and End Treatments

Standard finial and end treatments can be broken down into a few broad categories:


  • Flat top and Tapered Flat Top
  • Cone – Shallow angle terminating in a point
  • Fully rounded
  • Partially rounded – Rounded over edges with a flat end
  • Geometric (not shown) – Chamfer angled edges with a flat end



Front Section Shapes

While all of the possible shapes are not shown here, please do not be afraid to ask for something different. Front section shape and length can be customized upon request to meet your desires.

Standard shapes include:

  • Concave Smooth or Stepped
  • Tapered Smooth or Stepped
  • Straight Smooth or Stepped




One of the most important parts of a fountain pen ownership experience is the nib. We have sampled most of the “aftermarket” nibs available to pen makers and have settled on the German brand of JoWo as my default nib. Other nib options are available upon request, including many popular big name manufacturer nibs.

We will spend time with each nib before it leaves our workshop in tuning it to the best of our abilities to ensure it provides a pleasant writing experience and to make sure that ink flow works as expected.

  • The standard nib used is the JoWo #6 steel nib. Available in two-tone or rhodium and in certain sizes, a gun metal finish called Ruthenium. These are available in a variety of line weights including Extra Fine (XF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B), 1.1 Italic and 1.5 Italic.
  • Upgraded nib options from JoWo include 14k and 18k gold nibs.
  • A #8 larger sized nib is also available in 18k only.
  • A smaller #5 sized nib is typically used on the Clio or upon request on the other pen models.
  • Esterbrook Renew-Point nibs are available as either eye dropper, sac or modified converter fill. This also covers a range of Venus nibs that are compatible with the renew point line.
  • Pelikan 200/400/600 nib options are also available.
  • Vintage nibs may be used upon request if the proper sized threading can be identified for the factory nib housing or front section.

Most of the nibs we offer are also user interchangeable and serviceable so do not be afraid to ask for additional nibs to suit your mood. Remove the converter, unscrew one nib and screw in another.


Pricing Structure

The following pricing structure is a guideline only. Pricing is subject to change depending on material selection and additional accessories. All prices include shipping via USPS Priority (Insured and Tracked) for Domestic United States addresses. International shipping, please add $30 for USPS International Flat Rate Priority shipping and insurance.

Base pricing – Pen body excluding nibs or accessories

  • Hydra and Chimera – $350
  • Zeus – $250
  • Athena, Ares, Eros – $225
  • Apollo, Hermes – $200

Water Acrylics

  • Water acrylic version of any standard sized model +$50

Non-Standard Nib Pricing

  • Esterbrook Renew-Point +$40
  • All others are “as quoted”

Clip or Roll Stop Accessory

  • Installation of clip or roll stop +$20
  • Clips or roll-stop purchased from a 3rd party will be charged at actual acquisition price


  • +$25 per band – includes aluminum, brass or standard body materials such as acrylics, ebonite, etc…
  • Additional charges apply for sterling silver or plating options such as gold or rhodium

Transparent Sections and Ink Windows

  • +$35 for transparent acrylic front grip section
  • +$35 for transparent ink window