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New refill options for our ballpoint pens

New refill options for our ballpoint pens

Some great news on the refill front.

One of our customers asked if we could make a pen that uses the smooth writing fine 0.7mm Zebra brand refills.  After getting our hands on one and comparing it to some of our existing refills, the answer is YES!

The Zebra refill is slightly smaller than the Parker style refills that many of our twist pens use. Smaller is better in this case because it means we can supply and adapter to extend the length and allow our twist mechanism to extend and retract the refill properly. The writing tip is slightly smaller where it extends from the pen tip, but in most of our pens it’s not noticeable when writing.

Tested with refills designed for the Zebra F-301 series as seen here:

If you are interested in using one of our pens with a Zebra refill, please contact us directly and let us know which pen from our website and we can say yes or no for this exciting option.


Not sure what ink will be next in your fountain pen ink collection?

Are you looking to expand your ink selection or wondering what ink you can use in your new Fisher of Pens fountain pen?  Ink On Hand might just have you covered.

Run by the Zeller Writing Company, Ink On Hand has in-depth reviews and thoughts on all things inky.  Each review is clearly documented with test results that are easy to understand and direct to the point.

Jump over today and have a look.  You may just find your next favorite ink 😉

Ink On Hand Blog


Piper Premium Ink Refills

Piper Ink CartridgesSo you won’t find a dry time, smear, water, or any other official test with this one.  Just a warm fuzzy feeling about the Piper premium ink refills.

Typically we provide a fresh Private Reserve refill with each pen sale, but on a whim I decided to grab a box each of the Royal Blue and Black Piper cartridge refills from Franklin-Christoph .  I loaded up the royal blue into my daily writer, a handcrafted mini fountain with a small Heritance nib.  It was very easy starting and flowed very well. Nice and smooth over the paper and drys fast enough for my needs.   Available in 6 packs or a larger 40 piece jar.

As a nice kicker, they also offer ballpoint refills that will fit any of our Parker style refill pens and rollerball refills that will fit any of our Schmidt style refill pens.

Check them out today @ Franklin-Christoph