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What the heck is this M3 material you’re talking about?

What the heck is this M3 material you’re talking about?

I’ve posted a few pictures on Facebook and Instagram lately of a new material I’m taking for a spin around the lathe. It’s called M3 Titanium Glow or something there about.  It’s a new material from the distributor of M3 in cut down blanks sized for pens, game calls, pots, etc… So the big question you may be asking yourself is “what the heck is M3”?

Well, rather than me explain it all, here is a link to a bunch of psuedo-techno babble sales pitch directly from the source.  What is M3

Once you’re done reading that, the next thing you should know is that this particular flavor has a neat gimmick. It glows under black lighting / UV lighting. So the next time you find yourself in need of breaking out your pen in a dance club or your local bowling alley’s midnight bowling under the black lights, you can just nod as everyone stares and know that you are the new king.

Here are a few shots of the raw red and black blank and the rough form of the pen body.

New refill options for our ballpoint pens

New refill options for our ballpoint pens

Some great news on the refill front.

One of our customers asked if we could make a pen that uses the smooth writing fine 0.7mm Zebra brand refills.  After getting our hands on one and comparing it to some of our existing refills, the answer is YES!

The Zebra refill is slightly smaller than the Parker style refills that many of our twist pens use. Smaller is better in this case because it means we can supply and adapter to extend the length and allow our twist mechanism to extend and retract the refill properly. The writing tip is slightly smaller where it extends from the pen tip, but in most of our pens it’s not noticeable when writing.

Tested with refills designed for the Zebra F-301 series as seen here:

If you are interested in using one of our pens with a Zebra refill, please contact us directly and let us know which pen from our website and we can say yes or no for this exciting option.


Fountain Pen dressed in blue white and red (We don’t give up that easy)

Fountain Pen dressed in blue white and red (We don’t give up that easy)

Persistence pays off.

When a customer contacted me about making a pen in a very specific material, I said no problem. Little did I know that the material in question has turned into one of the more difficult materials I’d had the pleasure of tracking down.

I found a few along the way that claimed to be correct only to find out that the blue was wrong or that the red ribbons completely vanished once turned to final size. After trying multiple samples of each of these I reluctantly had to put the project on hold for a while until I could find some new stones to turn over in the search.

A few months later a fellow custom pen maker posted a photo of a recent work of his and to my shock it was the exact material I had desperately been searching for. I contacted him to ask where he sourced it from however best we could tell it wasn’t available any longer. He happened to have a stick and a half left in his stash and was gracious enough to share it with me. After receiving it, I had to really plan out every cut since I was working with about 2” less material than I was used to. This left no room for waste or error.

The result is the pen seen here. A nice medium sized fountain with a #5 sized nib. Unfortunately I didn’t take a final weight or length measurement before it was boxed up and on its way overseas to its new owner.

Threading is M12 x 0.75 on the cap to body threads and M9 x 0.75 on the section to body threads.  Heritance medium point nib.

The Fisher of Pens Vintage Line

The Fisher of Pens Vintage Line

Through a chance exchange with another pen artisan, Fisher of Pens was provided the opportunity to work with a truly wonderful vintage material. Cellulose Acetate was developed in the 1930’s as a safer alternative to Celluloid (Cellulose Nitrate). The quality and depth of color of this material is unsurpassed by any of the modern alternatives.

This particular Cellulose Acetate rod was manufactured in the Le Mans area of France in the 1930s and 1940s. It has been used on some of the finest pens in the world including Conway Stewart, Waterman, and Parker to name a few. This same material is now available in a limited run from Fisher of Pens by custom order only.

There is only a finite amount of this material available anywhere. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Here is your chance to own outstanding quality with a little bit of history at an affordable price.
The example shown here is called Brown Crush and is available in fountain pen and rollerball pen only. We currently have enough supply for 8 pens total. Contact us to reserve yours today.

Custom Ordered Pink Zebra

Custom Ordered Pink Zebra

So we call this one Pink Zebra.  I know the black and white are not really zebra, but it’s the color combination of the black, white, and pink that make this one of the most requested custom orders.

This one will shortly be on the way to its new owner just in time for Christmas

Fountain and Rollerball Pen Matched Set

Fountain and Rollerball Pen Matched Set

A custom ordered matched set of rollerball and fountain pens. The blanks is Lava Lamp #2 which is a proprietary blend of colors including blues, golds and reds.  These are non-postable closed end pens designed to rest the cap on the desk while writing special ordered by a new friend in the UK.

The fountain pen sports a 2-tone Heritance medium nib and the rollerball uses a Schmidt 5888 ceramic medium refill.

Custom design and random good reads for the week


I’ve been busy working on a new 100% handcrafted rollerball design that uses fountain pen ink or cartridges but so far only have about 1/2 a pen that I’m happy with.  This pen will use no metal plated components except for the clip but rather an ebonite front section and acrylic body.

I wish I could say it was going swimmingly, but dear old Murphy has done his best to work against me and anything that can go wrong…has.

In the mean time here are a few good reads.  The first combines two of my favorite things.  Bicycles and Fountain Pens.  The other, well, we have a stylus for that 😉

Fred Clements: Fountain pens and bikes

Handwriting App Ink Adds New Fountain Pen Tool

More than pens

Just because our name is Fisher of Pens doesn’t mean we only make pens.  Shown here is our latest Fusion head razor.  Shown with a Royal Blue Madreperleto body.

Also available in Mach 3 style (includes Venus) and double ended safety razors.

A salute to our heroes

Handcrafted Military Pens
Handcrafted Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ballpoint pens

As a special salute to our soldiers serving to protect our lives and freedom, these will be a limited run by special order only.

Shown in this grouping include the tan and green Army, the deep blue Navy, the bold red Marines and the sky blue Air Force.

I’ve received several questions about the design choice of the Army blank.  The tan and green is actually the 1940s era post WWII USAAF which was the Army Air Corps and paratroopers before the official formation of the Air Force.  Currently the artist I am working with to produce the raw material for these has been unable to faithfully recreate the current Army logo so this one was chosen in it’s place.

These ballpoint pens accept parker style refills including various weight tips and gel refills.  The simple chrome hardware has been designed to be durable but not detract from the overall design of the body.

Although not shown in the finished grouping, we can’t forget our Coast Guard.  An example of the raw blank is seen below. Contact us today at to order yours today.  Engraving options are also available.

Ask us about adapting these to either roller ball or fountain pen varieties to your taste.

Coast Guard
Coast Guard raw pen material

Combustion by Jonathon Brooks

Sometimes a collaboration with others brings out the best in all involved.  Such is the case with the combustion resin blanks created by local artisan Jonathon Brooks.  Jonathon has become one of my prime suppliers for raw materials in any color mix I could ask for.  Provided to us in 3/4″ solid blanks, each blank is hand mixed making each one truly unique.

A beautiful deep red and gold swirl gives the illusion of fire beyond any other material we have come across.  Contact us to create a combustion pen in any style you choose.

CombustionBlank2    CombustionBlank1