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New material selection – Cranberry Night Acrylic

New material selection – Cranberry Night Acrylic

One of my favorite suppliers had a hadfull of new materials listed and this was one of 4 that caught my eye immediately.

This is Cranberry Night which is a swirling color acrylic with plenty of transparent sections making it perfect for our specialty Siren style pens.

The first pen will be completed tonight and will be available for direct sale assuming I don’t keep it for myself. I’m really in love with this material.


Request a quote today for your new Cranberry Night custom pen

Translucent Water Acrylic Options

Translucent Water Acrylic Options

Water acrylic material options available on our custom pens. These materials range from almost fully transparent to translucent. The lighter the material, the more transparent it will be.

Here is how I would rank them:

  • Transparent: Blue Topaz, Canary, Citrine, Peach, Olive, Rose, Cool Mint
  • Middle of the road translucent: Amber, Burgundy, Freezing
  • Dark to almost opaque: Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald


Get ’em while they’re hot!  New vintage material on the way.

Get ’em while they’re hot! New vintage material on the way.

It’s hard to source and can be expensive when found, but makes some of the best looking and feeling pens you will find. I’ve managed to get my hands on a limited batch of vintage cellulose acetate rods and they are in the mail as we speak. There will be a very limited amount available and possibly one one or two completed pens out of some of the material before it’s used up and gone so step on up and reserve your place in line ASAP!

Vintage cellulose acetate rods

Some of the sizes will be suited for capped pens such as rollerball and fountain while some may be too thin and will end up as ballpoint models such as our Bishop and Collins model pens. The rod diameter will dictate the pen I can create from it so contact me with what material you want and what type of pen and I’ll tell you if it’s possible or not.




What the heck is this M3 material you’re talking about?

What the heck is this M3 material you’re talking about?

I’ve posted a few pictures on Facebook and Instagram lately of a new material I’m taking for a spin around the lathe. It’s called M3 Titanium Glow or something there about.  It’s a new material from the distributor of M3 in cut down blanks sized for pens, game calls, pots, etc… So the big question you may be asking yourself is “what the heck is M3”?

Well, rather than me explain it all, here is a link to a bunch of psuedo-techno babble sales pitch directly from the source.  What is M3

Once you’re done reading that, the next thing you should know is that this particular flavor has a neat gimmick. It glows under black lighting / UV lighting. So the next time you find yourself in need of breaking out your pen in a dance club or your local bowling alley’s midnight bowling under the black lights, you can just nod as everyone stares and know that you are the new king.

Here are a few shots of the raw red and black blank and the rough form of the pen body.

The Fisher of Pens Vintage Line

The Fisher of Pens Vintage Line

Through a chance exchange with another pen artisan, Fisher of Pens was provided the opportunity to work with a truly wonderful vintage material. Cellulose Acetate was developed in the 1930’s as a safer alternative to Celluloid (Cellulose Nitrate). The quality and depth of color of this material is unsurpassed by any of the modern alternatives.

This particular Cellulose Acetate rod was manufactured in the Le Mans area of France in the 1930s and 1940s. It has been used on some of the finest pens in the world including Conway Stewart, Waterman, and Parker to name a few. This same material is now available in a limited run from Fisher of Pens by custom order only.

There is only a finite amount of this material available anywhere. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Here is your chance to own outstanding quality with a little bit of history at an affordable price.
The example shown here is called Brown Crush and is available in fountain pen and rollerball pen only. We currently have enough supply for 8 pens total. Contact us to reserve yours today.

Fountain and Rollerball Pen Matched Set

Fountain and Rollerball Pen Matched Set

A custom ordered matched set of rollerball and fountain pens. The blanks is Lava Lamp #2 which is a proprietary blend of colors including blues, golds and reds.  These are non-postable closed end pens designed to rest the cap on the desk while writing special ordered by a new friend in the UK.

The fountain pen sports a 2-tone Heritance medium nib and the rollerball uses a Schmidt 5888 ceramic medium refill.

New Custom Order Blanks Available

Here are a few new blanks available for custom order.  These blanks can be paired with any medium to large bodied pen of your choice including ballpoint, rollerball, and fountain pens.  These can also be configured for razor handles.  If you don’t see something you like below, don’t be afraid to ask as this is just a small sampling of what is available for custom order.


* Note: Not available on slim style pens or pencils. The image would be degraded on the thin body.