Updated Athena model

Just a quick update to customers who are familiar with the popular Athena model. Except for a few rare occasions where the material dictates a thinner pen, the Athena has now increased in diameter by 1mm. This was done to alleviate the thin wall of the cap and front threads as a proactive measure. While I haven’t had any issues to date, this is a comfort factor of adding an extra 0.5mm of wall thickness to all sides for my own sanity.

The old Athena uses a 12mm double start thread for the cap while the new version uses a 13mm triple start cap. So it actually provides a faster open and close experience.

The v1 Athena is available by special request and will still be used when the selected material does not allow for the larger diameter. Such is the case for many of the vintage celluloid rods.

The below examples show old vs. new. Pardon the buffing compound on the red pen. I haven’t finished making it all pretty.

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