A Note About our Nibs and Supplier

One of the most common questions about custom pens is “what nib do you use”. The standard answer is that I use Jowo brand nibs primarily. While this is not the only nib brand offered, it is the staple nib for many reasons. It’s widely chosen by many custom makers and is compatible with nibs you may already own. They are easily user interchangeable, easy to clean and overall write consistently well.

However going a step further, the primary supplier of our Jowo nibs is FPNibs.com out of Spain. While I can order nibs from state side suppliers for quick needs, I find that the nibs received from FPNibs are better tuned directly out of the box, flow well and are generally more consistent. The bonus is that FPNibs offers a HUGE variation in color, plating and even custom grinds at a terrific price point. The only downside is that it can take 3 weeks to receive orders due to lags in international shipping.

If you’re thinking about having a custom pen made and are unsure of your nib selection, take a browse at the FPNibs.com website and see what fits your desires.¬†https://www.fpnibs.com/94-size-6

One of the new offerings from FP Nibs is a flex modification offered on the gold nibs. Matt Armstrong recently did a review of these nibs on The Pen Habit podcast.



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