Humbled by our community

I’m typically a humble guy. If you compliment me I will offer my gratitude but never truly feel worthy the praise. That’s a difficult position to be in for someone who practices an art but at the same time help drive to improve.

From the Pen Cup author Mary Collins recently offered her praise for a pen that she purchased from me at the DC pen show. The pen was a slightly different mix of the colors that make up the combustion resin from Jonathon Brooks @ Carolina Pen Company. I use Jonathon’s blanks for the larger percentage of my pens and love working with the material and he has a tremendous eye for colors. This particular Ares model only came to be the weekend before we left for DC. It was a whim creation from a set of blanks that caught my eye while Jonathon was up spending time in my shop. I guess it was meant to be that this pen was created and found a home with Mary. And to top it off she was able to get a matching stand from Jonathon and an Architect grind from Dan Smith “The Nib Smith” himself.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mary for her kind words. I spent some time with her and her husband at DC and couldn’t have met a nicer couple.

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