Just another day in the office for the mad scientist

Inspiration struck today when picking through a bunch of old cutoff scraps in the shop.  I ran across a piece of blue and white swirl alumilite resin that I don’t even recall how it made it’s way into the shop. I was in the mood for something hybrid so I dug some more and came across a piece of redwood lace burl that I’ve been holding on to for a while. I placed the two side by side and was tickled by what I saw.

Hit the drawing board, or composition book in this case, and figured out the placement of the segments. A little bit of white/black/white pick guard material to set the two materials apart and off I went. I marked all of the resin cuts to keep them oriented the way they were as a solid as well as getting the orientation of the wood lined up just so and glued them all together.

After a little trickery on the lathe and some assembly with a set of rhodium plated hardware with black titanium scroll work and a new rollerball pen was born.

This pen is listed in the store here

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