Pretty petite portable pocket or perhaps purse pen?

Ok, so I had to use a non “p” word in the title.  Pretty poor planning [on my part].

My very first 100% custom pen was a small pocket fountain pen.  It was the pen I cut my teeth on and learned the basics of threading and sizing and work holding custom parts. It’s been a long time coming but as a change of pace from the larger customs I’ve been working on recently I felt bringing back the small scale was just what I needed.

A common complaint from those who use pens similar to this from the big manufacturers is the lack of threads to post the cap.  Since the cap is such an integral part of these small pens when writing, a simple press fit just doesn’t feel solid or becomes loose over time as inner cap wears. So I worked a set of matching threads into the back of the body so secure the cap in place forming a full sized sturdy pen when writing.

This pen uses a smaller #5 sized nib and accepts a standard international cartridge or SHORT converter.  Alternately you can seal the threads and run it as an eye dropper.

Material shown is Cracked Ice Acrylic which does a fairly accurate job of emulating a vintage cellulose acetate rod. Sorry kids, no progress pictures on this one as I was in the zone and never thought to stop and smell the roses…or take my phone out for a picture or two.

And now for some numbers for your viewing pleasure:

Length capped: 104.3mm
Length uncapped: 96mm
Length posted: 134.5mm
Body diameter: 12.3mm
Cap diameter: 14.1mm
Nib: #5 steel (Bock)
Filler: International cartridge or short converter
Postable: Threaded post

Price: $150.00

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