Can you make me one of those in Mandarin Yellow?

Hot on the heels of the plus sized Duo inspired pen, a customer contacted me asking if I could make him one in the ever hard to find Mandarin Yellow. After a quick call to Jonathon to see if he could duplicate the color, I responded with a resounding “probably” 🙂

A few days later I had a pair of long mandarin yellow alumilite blanks in hand and was ready to rock the lathe. Following my notes…errr…wait I forgot to take notes when I made the red one!!!! So rather following my best guess as to what my notes would have been, I proceeded to duplicate my design. Luckily it had not been that long since I had designed the red one, so most of the important stuff was still rattling around in my head such as thread sizes for which pieces and some general target numbers for drilling the cap and adding the bands.

Once all was in order, the cap was sent off to have the bands gold plated to match the clip.

A few days and several progress pictures to the customer later and a new pen was born. I’m happy with the final results and from what he’s told me, the customer ran out of adjectives to describe his happiness.

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