A customer who knew exactly what he wanted

I had a customer reach out to me asking for a large pen. In the pen world this can take on many meanings, but in this instance I was provided a frame of reference to work from.

A long time favorite of this customer was the vintage Parker Sr. Duofold “Big Red”.  A flat top design with an untapered body and over sized cap. He wanted this pen but larger. After pulling my research strings and sourcing the original size of the inspiration pen, I was able to put a design on paper and work out all of the necessary measurement points to get to work.

A set of 2mm brass bands sit flush in the lower section of the cap.  The main body material is a hand poured and color matched Duofold red Alumilite from my blank artist Jonathon Brooks. Armed with this and a handful of black ebonite for the finials and grip section, it was off to the lathe to get to work.

The series of pictures in the gallery below show some shots of the build progress along the way. The final specifications are as follows:

Length Capped: 137.2 mm
Length Uncapped: 129.7 mm
Length Posted: 171.9 mm
Body Diameter: 14.4 mm
Cap Diameter: 16.8 mm
Material: Alumilite / Ebonite
Filler: Converter / Cartridge
Nib: JoWo #6 sized 1.1 Stub

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