Fountain Pen dressed in blue white and red (We don’t give up that easy)

Persistence pays off.

When a customer contacted me about making a pen in a very specific material, I said no problem. Little did I know that the material in question has turned into one of the more difficult materials I’d had the pleasure of tracking down.

I found a few along the way that claimed to be correct only to find out that the blue was wrong or that the red ribbons completely vanished once turned to final size. After trying multiple samples of each of these I reluctantly had to put the project on hold for a while until I could find some new stones to turn over in the search.

A few months later a fellow custom pen maker posted a photo of a recent work of his and to my shock it was the exact material I had desperately been searching for. I contacted him to ask where he sourced it from however best we could tell it wasn’t available any longer. He happened to have a stick and a half left in his stash and was gracious enough to share it with me. After receiving it, I had to really plan out every cut since I was working with about 2” less material than I was used to. This left no room for waste or error.

The result is the pen seen here. A nice medium sized fountain with a #5 sized nib. Unfortunately I didn’t take a final weight or length measurement before it was boxed up and on its way overseas to its new owner.

Threading is M12 x 0.75 on the cap to body threads and M9 x 0.75 on the section to body threads.  Heritance medium point nib.

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