A salute to our heroes

Handcrafted Military Pens
Handcrafted Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ballpoint pens

As a special salute to our soldiers serving to protect our lives and freedom, these will be a limited run by special order only.

Shown in this grouping include the tan and green Army, the deep blue Navy, the bold red Marines and the sky blue Air Force.

I’ve received several questions about the design choice of the Army blank.  The tan and green is actually the 1940s era post WWII USAAF which was the Army Air Corps and paratroopers before the official formation of the Air Force.  Currently the artist I am working with to produce the raw material for these has been unable to faithfully recreate the current Army logo so this one was chosen in it’s place.

These ballpoint pens accept parker style refills including various weight tips and gel refills.  The simple chrome hardware has been designed to be durable but not detract from the overall design of the body.

Although not shown in the finished grouping, we can’t forget our Coast Guard.  An example of the raw blank is seen below. Contact us today at fisherofpens@gmail.com to order yours today.  Engraving options are also available.

Ask us about adapting these to either roller ball or fountain pen varieties to your taste.

Coast Guard
Coast Guard raw pen material

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